Frequently Asked Questions

Children with autism often learn better at home. They are comfortable and don’t need to “settle in” to an office. Importantly, parents learn how to teach communication and social skills during everyday activities such as getting dressed. This means that parents can fit therapy into their busy lives. Therapy sessions are 90 minutes a fortnight which gives both the parents and child plenty of time to learn and practice between appointments.

You may feel overwhelmed by all of the decisions. It’s very tempting to sign up for every program or therapy which uses the word “autism”. However, every child is different which is why a unique, customised plan is needed for your child. One that is individualised and takes into account your child’s needs and your family’s budget. We can help you choose autism services, decide on early intervention centres and schools or Kindergarten and other therapies.

We are trained and experienced in a range of therapies for communication, social skills, behaviour, emotions and sensory regulation.

Many parents don’t realise that HCWA funding can only be used for certain therapies. The HCWA Early Intervention table lists the therapies which are eligible and ineligible for funding. You can feel confident that our therapists will only recommend eligible therapies for your child.

We know that therapy needs to be affordable. We will offer you a home visit on a day when we are in your area which means you won’t need to pay travel costs. Visit this page to read about our competitive rates for autism therapy in your home.

No, unless you wish to use Medicare funding. This is a list of Medicare funded program which can be used to pay for Speech Therapy.

Yes. All of our therapists are registered with most of the major Health Funds. Speech Pathology services can be claimed under certain ancillary tables of private health funds. It is a good idea to check with your Health Fund for further information.

Yes. There are a range of funding options and supports which can help you afford therapy for your child. We have calculated the number of therapy sessions you can afford without HCWA funding.

We don’t offer prepackaged programs or groups. We provide social skills interventions based on the individual needs of your child. We know that it is important that children practice social skills with other children. So, we begin teaching social skills at home but then quickly embed this new learning into their Kindergarten group or classroom.

Bronwyn Sutton is the author of “The Learning App Guide to Autism and Education”.  We have professionally reviewed over 1000 apps for children with autism. We offer an iPad App Selection Service to guide you through the best apps to support your child’s learning.